CSTO Secretariat organized and held consultations on combating trafficking in persons


CSTO Secretariat organized and held consultations on issues of combating trafficking in persons

On June 16, 2017, the CSTO Secretariat, with the support of the Bureau of the International Organization for Migration in Moscow, held consultations on the heads of structural subdivisions of the internal affairs and security agencies of the States members of the Treaty Organization about collective security, functionally responsible for combating human trafficking.

Participants in the consultations confirmed that human trafficking in most cases has signs of transnational organized crime. Being a global issue, it does not recognize national borders and is a transnational crime.

During the event, a set of coordinated operational search activities and special operations to combat trafficking in persons was conducted in the CSTO format in 2016.

Thus, by joint efforts of the competent authorities of the CSTO member states, over 250 channels of trafficking in persons have been identified and suppressed, the main of them are related to: sexual exploitation (118), labor exploitation (79), and trafficking in children (48). 688 persons who were on the international wanted list were detained.

Conducted anti-trafficking activities have demonstrated that the organizers of “trafficking” are actively improving their criminal activities, trying to take “live goods” while in the country of destination, and also use modern information technologies to achieve their goals.

In addition, it was noted that the identification and suppression of criminal activity of traffickers is given an important place in the course of operational and preventive measures and special operations to counteract illegal migration and human trafficking conducted by the competent authorities of the CSTO member states, under the provisional name “Illegal”.

At the same time, on the basis of the scale and at the same time the deep latency of crimes related to human trafficking, the participants in the consultations agreed on the desirability of continuing work on organizing and conducting in the CSTO format a separate targeted set of operational search activities and special operations to counter organized criminal activities communities in the field of "trafficking", the positive experience of which was obtained in the CSTO member states in 2014 and 2016.

Participants in the consultations stressed that these activities should be carried out in national territories and within the framework of national legislation. In case of the need to exchange information and other forms of interaction with the competent authority of another state, a system of contact points for combating “trafficking”, established under the CSTO Secretariat, may be involved.


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