Goals of the Coordination Coincil of the Heads of the CSTO Competent Bodies on Combating Illegal Migration

The purpose of the Coordination Council of the heads of the competent authorities of the CSTO member states in combating illegal migration is to ensure a consolidated effort to counter illegal migration, achieved by:

  • ensuring the interaction of the competent authorities in order to increase the effectiveness of countering illegal migration and related offenses;
  • drafting proposals for joint practical measures to counter illegal migration;
  • participation in the preparation and implementation of decisions of the CSTO statutory bodies concerning the improvement of the legal framework, areas of regional cooperation, the exchange of information resources and the training of personnel of the competent authorities of the CSTO member states in the fight against illegal migration;
  • exchange of information on citizens of the CSTO member states, which, in accordance with the national legislation of one of the Parties, are not allowed to enter one of the CSTO member states;
  • participation in the preparation of proposals on improving the legislative base of the CSTO member states in the field of combating illegal migration;
  • participation in the development of intergovernmental programs and plans to counter illegal migration, in the preparation and holding of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops, to assist in the exchange of experience in this field;
  • participation in the methodological and informational and analytical support of the competent authorities.