Information on the results of operational and preventive measures and special operations to combat illegal migration and human trafficking “Nelegal - 2017” in the format of the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty



about the results in the format     
   Collective Security Treaty Organization     
   operational preventive measures and special operations     
   on combating illegal migration and human trafficking  

"Nelegal 2017"  

In 2017, the competent authorities of the Organization's states, in accordance with the instructions of the heads of the CSTO member states, were held in two stages (from May 22 to June 2 and from September 25 to October 6) operational and preventive measures and special operations to counter illegal migration and trafficking in human beings under the provisional name “Nelegal - 2017” (hereinafter referred to as Operation “Nelegal - 2017”).   

During the operation, measures were taken to monitor the compliance of foreign citizens with migration legislation, measures were taken to strengthen the protection of state borders and control over the border regime, a set of operational-search measures were taken to identify foreign citizens of persons involved in the activities of terrorist and extremist organizations, as well as the suppression of criminal activities of the organizers of the channels of illegal migration and human trafficking.  

As a result of the activities carried out in the Republic of Armenia , 225 foreign citizens who violated the regime of stay in the country were identified, and 2 attempts to illegally cross the state border on a false passport were prevented visa documents.   

During the operation, 78 crimes involving illicit arms trafficking and 43 - with illegal possession of narcotic substances were solved. 82 internationally wanted persons have been detained.   

Law enforcement agencies of of the Republic of Belarus during Operation Nelegal - 2017 for the violation of immigration legislation brought to administrative responsibility 3,603 foreign citizens and stateless persons, initiated 3 criminal cases for the organization of illegal migration.   

So, in the Kobrin district of the Brest region, the activities of an international criminal group from among the citizens of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, which organized the channel of illegal migration of citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh, were suppressed. A criminal case was initiated against members of a criminal group under Part 2 of Art. 371-1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (“Organization of Illegal Migration”).   

In addition, during the operation "Nelegal - 2017" illegal migrants were detained on the Belarusian-Lithuanian and Belarusian-Polish sections of the state border, using the territory of the Republic of Belarus for illegal transit to the countries Of the European Union (3 October in the Postavy district of the Vitebsk region - 10 citizens of Vietnam; on September 26, 320 citizens from the border in the Brest region - 2 citizens of Tunisia; on September 28, in the vicinity of the Kozlovichi checkpoint - 2 citizens of Cuba; on October 3 in the Grodno region 800 m fuck the border - 2 Turkish citizen). All foreign citizens brought to administrative responsibility.   

The Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, together with the Department of Financial Monitoring of the State Control Committee of the operation, monitored financial flows to individuals and legal entities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam India, Iran, China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Turkey and Sri Lanka. The information obtained was used in the service activities of the units of the Ministry of the Interior. 

In the Republic of Kazakhstan , during the operation, 26,593 foreigners were identified who violated immigration laws, 2,982 of whom were expelled outside the republic, 28 criminal cases were filed for organizing illegal migration and 16 criminal cases on combating trafficking and pimping:   

- in the course of carrying out operational search activities in Almaty, a criminal group was detained, which, under the guise of Business Company Prestige LLP, organized a channel for the illegal migration of Chinese citizens to the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result of the measures taken, the channel was stopped. Law enforcement agencies are working to identify all those involved in the organization of the channel;

- a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan was detained in the North Kazakhstan region, who regularly provided housing to citizens of Uzbekistan with violation of immigration laws and facilitated their illegal departure to the Russian Federation bypassing border crossing points. On this fact, a criminal case, an investigation is underway.  
The competent authorities of Kyrgyz Republic identified 1,182 violations of immigration laws, of which the largest number of offenses were found among Chinese citizens (549). In addition, during the operation “Nelegal - 2017” 9 criminal cases were initiated for organizing illegal migration, 60 criminal cases connected with illegal crossing of the state border, 89 people were detained on the international wanted list.   

Also, within the framework of the operation, 7 facts of the storage and distribution of religious materials of an extremist type were revealed. Extremist literature was withdrawn by law enforcement agencies (6 books, 3 posters, 5 leaflets, 3 notebooks, 2 CDs, 8 mobile phones with materials of an extremist nature), further proceedings are being conducted.   

In the Russian Federation , during the operation "Nelegal - 2017" in Moscow, Russian Interior Ministry officers stopped the criminal activities of the management of COSMO LLC, which In 2016-2017, 66,889 foreign citizens carried out a fictitious migration registration, ostensibly in a hotel of this legal entity. At the same time, the hotel activity by the above society was not actually conducted. Organizers of the illegal migration channel from among the leaders of COSMO LLC have been identified and detained, a criminal case has been initiated against them.  

In addition, officers of the FSB of Russia, together with employees of the internal affairs agencies in the Moscow region, suppressed the activities of ethnic criminal groups involved in the production of forged documents for the further legalization of foreigners in the Russian Federation. In the course of the searches, clandestine printing houses for producing forged documents, printing of various organizations and institutions, fake date stamps about crossing the state border of the Russian Federation, over 500 blank forms of various documents (migration cards, notifications about migration registration, patents for work, and t d.) Members of the criminal group are detained, criminal cases are initiated under Part 2 of Art. 322.1 (“Organization of illegal migration”) and Part 1 of Art. 327 ("Forgery, production or sale of forged documents") of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.  

In total, 126 127 violations of immigration laws were detected in the Russian Federation during the period of operation "Illegal - 2017". The bodies of internal affairs and security instituted 4 633 criminal cases related to the organization of illegal migration, and 100 criminal cases related to human trafficking, as well as 41 criminal cases on crimes of an extremist nature and of a terrorist nature. When crossing the state border of the Russian Federation, 205 foreign citizens were identified with signs indicating the possibility of their inclination to engage in terrorist activities or engage in terrorist activities. 

More than 142 thousand suspicious financial transactions involving more than 15 thousand individuals and more than 9 thousand legal entities totaling more than 520 million US dollars. Materials transferred to law enforcement agencies for further work on them.   

During the operation "Nelegal - 2017" in the Republic of Tajikistan , 722 objects were checked where foreign citizens carried out their work activities and 15,210 foreigners at their place stay As a result of the events, 269 violations of immigration legislation were revealed, 3 criminal cases were initiated for trafficking in persons, as well as 55 criminal cases for crimes related to drug trafficking. Over 127 kg of narcotic drugs and 93 firearms were seized.   

In addition, 7 citizens of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan were detained who tried to use invalid visas of the Republic of Tajikistan when crossing the state border.  
In total, the efforts of the competent authorities of the CSTO member states in Operation Illegal - 2017 revealed 157,999 violations of immigration laws. As a result of the consideration of cases of administrative offenses during the events, fines amounting to more than $ 8 million were imposed.

During the measures taken, law enforcement agencies of the CSTO member states detained 1,584 persons who were on the international wanted list, initiated 4,673 criminal cases for organizing illegal migration and 119 criminal cases for trafficking in persons. In addition, more than 19 thousand criminal cases were initiated on other crimes identified during the operation “Nelegal - 2017”, including related:   

- drug trafficking - 3,929 cases;  
- with illegal arms trafficking - 698 cases;  
- with illegal crossing of the state border - 381 cases.   

The results of the operation “Nelegal - 2017” in the CSTO format once again confirmed the effectiveness of the consolidated activities of the competent authorities of the Organization in combating illegal migration and human trafficking, and the advisability of continuing such work in the future .

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